Friday, October 26, 2007

1 - Thursday 1st November 6pm - Stephen Edge 'The Dialectics of Environmental Art - Christo and Jeanne Claude.'

Sustainable Design and Energy Consultant, for Salvedge

PASS - Open Lecture Series 2007/08

01-Thursday 1st November
Stephen Edge – 'The Dialectics of Environmental Art - Christo and Jeanne Claude.'
Sustainable Design and Energy Consultant, for Salvedge

02-Thursday 8th November
Simon Unwin – Analysing Architecture
Professor, Dundee University

03-Thursday 6th December
Paul Warner – Urbanism
Research Director - Reid Architecture

04-Thursday 14th February 2008
Sean Griffiths – FAT

05-Thursday 21st February
Marcial Echenique – Sustainable Cities
Professor & Head Cambridge School of Architecture.

06-Thursday 28th February
Andrew Dawes – CZWG

07-Thursday 6th March
Ed Galea – Fire & Excavation
Professor, Greenwich University

08-Thursday 13th March
Ranolph Glanville - Architecture and Cybernetics
Professor, University College London

09-Thursday 10th April
Erik Stenberg –Tensta Model: regemerating Stockholm’s modernist housing stock
Head, School of Architecture Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm

10-Thursday 17th April 2008
Alan Powers – Architecture & Music
Professor, Greenwich University, School of Architecture

Friday, December 01, 2006

04 - 7th December - S333 Dominc Papa and Jonathan Woodroffe 6pm Portland 1.53

Jonathan Woodroffe

Dominic Papa

It could be sais that the CRITICAL QUESTION for architecture today is precisely the question of practice.

S333 studio for architecture and urbanism finds itself moving more and more away from merely represnting the world in its work to forming architectyural and urban strategies that OPERATE within the world.

Friday, November 24, 2006

03 - 30th November - Face 2 Face debate & discussion 6pm Room 1.53 Portland Building

Dick Bunt
Roger Tyrrell
Greg Bailey

Battle of the minds through words
Chaired by Alex Zambelli
Bates Zambelli Architects

PASS Pub crawl 24th November

Pass Committee

Thursday, November 16, 2006

02 - 23rd November - Richard Scott Surface Architects 6pm Room 1.53 Portland Building

Surface are an award-winning practice based in London. They specialise in bold, exciting contemporary architecture.
"Surface deserves to get a seriously big commission somewhere"
Hugh Pearman, Sunday Times architectural critic
"canned energy, fit to burst'
Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4's Grand Design's
“Surface maintain fantastic enthusiasm and are full of ideas to cheer up the dull, London, urban, grey scene.”
Peter Cook, professor of architecture at UCL’s Bartlett School 1991-2004

Surface was formed by Richard in 1996, in collaboration with philosopher Jeremy Weate and architect Kristen Whittle. Their first project ‘Soft-space’ won first prize in the Shinkenchiku-Sha Residential Design Award in Japan and ‘Aquaphilia’ was one of the ‘Ideal Rooms’ exhibited at the RIBA in 1997. At this time Richard worked for Will Alsop and taught History & Theory at the Bartlett and the AA with Jeremy Weate.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

01 - 8th November Russell Brown Hawkins Brown 6pm Room 1.53 Portland Building

Hawkins\Brown have been at the forefront of British architecture for seventeen years, producing buildings of a consistently high quality for a wide variety of clients. Their approach to architecture is about finding a solution which is appropriate to the task, to the client and to the site.

Hawkins\Brown are a professional multi-disciplinary architectural team with expertise ranging from conservation to modern technology and from landscape to interior design, but are open to input from other professionals and establish close working relationships with artists, craftsmen, other professional advisors, contractors and clients.

Portsmouth School of Architecture Open Lectures 06/07

01 Wednesday 8th November
Russell Brown – Hawkins/Brown
02 Thursday 23rd November
Richard Scott - Surface Architects
03 Thursday 30th November
f2f debate - Aex Zambelli
Bates Zambelli Architects
04 Thursday 7th December
Dominic Papa & Jonathan Woodroffe - S333 Architecture + Urbanism
05 Thursday 11th January 2007
Richard Weston – architecture history & theory - nature & digital representation
The Welsh School of Architecture.
06 Thursday 15th February
Alistair Barr – Barr Gazetas
07 Thursday 22nd February
Paul Warner – Reid Architecture
08 Thursday 1st March
Alex de Rijke - dRmm Architects
09 Thursday 8th March
Graeme Williamson - Block Architecture
10 Thursday 15th March
Ed Jones – Dixon Jones + f2f debate Martin Pearce
11 Thursday 22nd March
Chris Wilkinson – Wilkinson Eyre
12 Thursday 19th April 2007
Pat Borer – CAT Centre for Alternative Technology